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2019/2020  Nebraska Elite 131 Thunder

Hi and thanks for visiting our team web page!  All things NE Elite 131 Thunder will be listed on this page, and will change frequently, so please visit this page often! 


Any questions, please contact coaches:

 Angie Lantz at

       Cell: 402-740-6850


Lexie Petry

Olivia Wolodkewitsch



The link to the main Nebraska Elite web site can be found here:


*Please work on organizing and scheduling your team building activities! Deadline is our Presidents Day Trny!


Upcoming Practice Schedule



**UPDATED 12/20/2019**





Sun 12/15:  11:30am-1:30pm /2:30-3:30pm Club Rules Mtg @ ESHS

Mon 12/16:  5-6pm Skill, 6-8pm Team Ct. 4

Thu 12/19:  5-6pm Skill, 6-8pm Team Ct. 4


Sun 12/22:  2-4pm Ct. 4 or 5

Mon 12/23:  6-8pm only Ct. 4

No Practice Thursday 12/26


Sun 12/29:  No Practice now - too many people gone

Mon 12/30:  4-6pm due to sleep over

Thu 1/2:  5-6pm Skill, 6-8pm Team Ct. 4


Sun 1/5:  No Practice

Mon 1/6:  5-6pm Skill, 6-8pm Team

Thu 1/9:  5-6pm Skill, 6-8pm Team


Sun 1/12:  TBA

Mon 1/13:  5-6pm Skill, 6-8pm Team

Thu 1/16:  5-6pm Skill, 6-8pm Team


Sun 1/19:  TBA

Mon 1/20:  5-6pm Skill, 6-8pm Team

Thu 1/23:  5-6pm Skill, 6-8pm Team


Sun 1/26:  TBA

Mon 1/27:  5-6pm Skill, 6-8pm Team

Thu 1/30:  5-6pm Skill, 6-8pm Team





*This practice schedule is subject to change at ANY TIME!  Please check this regularly!



Player Quotes


*Info Coming Soon!



2020 NE Elite Thunder Tournament Schedule



Info Coming Soon !





From Proactive Coaching....


"Nobody becomes successful by avoiding the things they don't like to do or doing them poorly or late.  Competitors bring the same energy to the tough jobs and the routine.  Want to win? Compete everyday - there is no excuse for not competing."



Competitiveness is the opposite of complacency. It can be uncomfortable. It requires commitment, risk, and finding out what is inside you.  If you choose to compete, you are taking a huge gamble.



  Athletes - if you let mistakes stay in your head, you are playing the game backwards. Successful   competitors play the game full speed ahead.



Versatility Article

Great new article from Natalie Hagglund on the importance of being a versatile volleyball player.

Microsoft Word document [91.2 KB]

A Champion's Look Article

Great article about positive body language and confidence on the court.  Print this off for yourself!! You MIGHT be asked to bring this to practice.

A Champion's Look.docx
Microsoft Word document [63.5 KB]

The Secret To Passing: Finding Your Process

Great article I found on serve receive passing!  Highly recommend you print this off and read it again and again and again!!!!



The Secret To Passing.docx
Microsoft Word document [205.2 KB]

A Great Article

Team Notes 2019/2020



1.)  Practice shirts will be: Any Sunday Practice - Purple Tryout Shirt, Any Monday Practice - Black Practice Shirt, Any Thursday Practice - Purple Practice Shirt.

2.)  For practices, you must wear your club issued practice shirts and our ASICS spandex - no exceptions.

3.) Have your own water bottle with your name on it.  A bottle of water is not acceptable.  There is a difference!!

4.) Always check the monitor when you come into the facility for the court we will be practicing on. 

5.) Place all your belongings inside your volleyball bags, zip them up and place these on the shelves.  Do not leave your bags on the tables or floor.

6.) If you are EARLY you are on time and if you are ON TIME you are late!  Always be early!!  And if our practice court is available, be out on it with a ball in your hands working on your skills!

7.) We will hustle and not walk when we are out on the court - if that is going to and from  getting a drink, shagging balls, from drill to drill, etc. Walking wastes time!! Time that we could be working on getting better at our skills!  Don't waste time!

8.) If you can not make it to practice or are going to be late, you need to send a message on the team Group Me app.  You are the player - not your parents!  This is your responsibility!

9.) Check this site and the main Elite web site regularly!

10.) All weather related info will be posted on both the main Elite web site and our team page. 

11.) Everyone must have on a coat, pants, shoes and socks when they are coming to/leaving from practice.  No flip-flops with socks!  We are getting into Winter (and Winter Weather).

12.) Listen with your EYES - if a coach is talking, make sure you are not.  Making eye contact goes a long ways!

13.) Give your best in every drill and practice and you will get the most out of this season! 



These are just some of the team rules/info that we will go over on our 1st day of practice! 


But most importantly -  Have Fun!!



Teambuilding Activities

Each member of our Thunder team will be responsible for organizing a teambuilding activity.  The purpose of these activities are to take our 10 good players and bring them together to form 1 great team.  Building a strong team bond off the court will increase their bond on the court during competition. 


These activities can range from a team dinner, to community service project, to team sleep over, to a game night.  The options are pretty endless!  


To really help form this great team bond, these need to be completed by our Presidents Day Tournament in  February.  The sooner the better!  Please email Angie ( with your idea and date.  Each players activity will be listed below.  The player needs to have a very large part in the organizing and sharing of the information about their activity - since it is for their team!  Don't wait - let's get started on these!!






12/21/19:  Halle Kerkman - Info sent out!!

12/22/19:  Peyton Meyer - Info given out!!





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